About Us


Who are we?

Alankaara is a design studio/workshop/warehouse where magical things happen. If you’re an old soul trapped in the modern world where everything is fast and hazy, you’ll find solace in our products.
We are those souls that can watch the waves crashing onto the rocks for hours on end without getting bored. We are the gardeners who deal with mulch and pollen allergies without breaking a sweat.

What we are up to?
We are creators, as hackneyed as that may sound, that’s who we are.  We believe that in an age where everything and everyone is literally hurtling towards the future, there needs to be a pause. We believe in making products that make you pause, stop, and wait, appreciate, and feel reverential.

And how do we do that?
By incorporating real objects from nature into various products ranging from jewellery to home accents. We source our natural elements ethically. Most of the flowers, ferns and leaves are remnants from a florist or rejects in flower bazaars.

 Why we do what we do?

We are a romantic soul. We believe in the idea of life after death. We love nature.  We want to share this with you. This world needs more people who stop, pause and appreciate.