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Anita Nandini

"Alankaara's jewellery lets me connect to my growing up years and carry a small token of mother natures beauty with me.Also once a flower blooms , it evetually dies. This jewellery preserves it, making it timeless and eternal. And of course, there is always the beauty of nature enhanced with their tireless efforts.
I can vouch for the fact that they would rather discard something that does not meet their aesthetic standard , than pedal it to make money. They works very hard to understand what their client wants and delivers on the same. They are not afraid to try new things and fail and their jewellery reflects some of that funkiness. Overall needless to say I love all of Alankaraas products and Amrita's jewellery."


"Oh my what a beauty you have given me....I always wanted to make something out of my precious flower and you have given me the best I can have.... really tears rolled looking at d most beautiful thing I ever held thank u so so much...that's d first flower my husband gifted me...thank u so so so so so so much."


"It has been a great experience working with the ever-courteous Amrita, designing a very special ring and beautiful bridesmaid tokens.
Thanks for making my big day, all the more special!"


"Thank you for making my trip to HandMade Collective yesterday. All the products were really lovely and I look forward to seeing you guys in Bangalore more"